Application SARS_COV_2
Vero cells infected by SARS-CoV-2

Inverted Immune fluorescence.
Secondary Antibody Cy3 AffiniPure Goat Anti-Human IgG


Bioreader(R) 7000-F-Z-i 

The versatile multiwell plate evaluation system for testing antiviral substances against SARS-COV2, HDV, hepatitis and other virus groups.


Many laboratories are currently researching the mechanisms by which viruses enter cells (with a focus on SARS-CoV-2).

Various proteins on the surface of the cells play a major role here. These are a present in different amounts from test person to test person.

The currently occurring coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has the capability to penetrate the cell by the help of even small amounts of this specific proteins. Extensive research is required to develop substances that reduce or prevent the virus from entering the cell.


This is where the BioReader 7000 F-z-i comes into play, which allows the researcher to test a large number of antiviral substances in vitro. The Bioreader® is currently used in leading national and international virological research laboratories with a large number of different cell lines and different viruses.


Another established method is the end-point limiting dilution assay for determining the mean Tissue Culture Infectious Dose (TCID50), which allows a statement to be made about how much the infection of the virus is slowed down or prevented by a substance.


In these and other in vitro tests, it is necessary to use extremely variable optical magnification so that plaques, cell clusters, foci as well as single cells are well imaged.

The cells / plaques / foci etc. must be countable from Petri dishes, cell culture bottles, 6-384 well plates and ultimately also microscope slides, both in white light and with various fluoro stimuli. With the Bioreader® 7000 –F-Z-i the entire well /disk can be counted in full field of view or true optically enlarged partial areas.


The Bioreader® 7000 F-z-i is ideally suited for these tasks and is already used in many laboratories for research into antiviral substances.

The Bioreader® 7000 –F-z is characterized by the fact that it has three separate optical systems which are used automatically depending on the format used (Petri dishes / cell culture bottles, 6-384 multi-well plates, microscope slides). All measurement parameters (with over 100 setting parameters) are applied automatically, especially for the respective application.


Here, e.g. a differentiation between infected and non-infected single cells can be made.

BIOREADER®-7000-F z i micro

Versatile, Inverted high resolution Zoom Fluoro/VIS Reader, micro+macromode with innovative power LED fluoro excitation.