Colony counting in 35 –100 mm plates and cell culture flasks.

Colony counting in 35 –100 mm plates and cell culture flasks.

Ease of use! GxP/ 21 CFR part 11 compatibility. Comfortable study/project management. Easy journal handling in PDF or Excel format


  • Bright and dark field illumination with top light
  • Illumination works software measure setup controlled (GLP-locked)
  • With desktop mount assembly and 3 random access cabinets
  • Basis unit for 3 random access cabinet with 8 plates each cabinet
  • Total capacity: 24 plates
  • May be extend to 2 more random access cabinets
  • 2 -5  MPixel camera , PC and monitor
  • Dimensions incl. monitor: W * H* D (cm): 30 * 37 * 45
  • Standard warranty is 1 year and optionally extendable to 3 years
  • Software updates for the supplied Bioreader® are available free of charge
  • Support is generally carried out "on site"
  • Bioreader® software uses a MS outlook® like user interface
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office compatible
  • Incl. Q.M. package
  • Teach software for precise insertion/return of the plates
  • For all kinds of applications (Inhibition zone reading, Ames Test, etc.)
  • ‘true’ colony separation
  • Creates reports automatically incl. mean, standard deviation.
  • Export to MS Excel, MS Word or PDF, BIO-SYS Antibiotic Potency program or to a LIMS/LIS system
  • GxP/21 CFR part 11 conformity optional
  • GAMP 4/5 documentation optional
  • 24’’ (1920 * 1200) monitor, 1.2 MPixel camera
  • Optical zoom in order to visualize ‘critical colonies/debris with  5 times magnification optional
  • Footswitch for hands free operation optional
  • Barcode reader optional
  • CE conformity.


30 cm
37 cm
45 cm


20 kg
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