Fluorescence reader

The BIOREADER® -F NT is equipped with a fluorescent light source.
Evaluation of fluorophore assays like Fluorospot or Fluoroplaque.


  • 6-10 times fluoro-filter changer:
    for Standard Olympus cubes on all Bioreader-F models.
  • New high sensitive, but low noise camera technology
    with optimal lens glasses for high contrasted images.

  • Upgrade option:
    from model alpha to delta (max 10 active filters cubes)
  • 3D spot-volume cytokine quantification:
    provides more sensitive stimulation response results.
  • Bioreader® -F 7000 is an affordable model
    for fluoro and enzymatic Elispot and Plaque/Foci counting in 384/96 well plates.
  • Single click export to PDF, Microsoft Office® applications.
  • Counting is significant faster and more precise regarding positioning.
  • Upgradable: to 21 cfr part 11 bases software package.

Bioreader F


Example for Fluoro-Power LED excitation
with Mabtech IFN-g/IL-10 und IL-5. Stimulation CEF,PPD,TT and PHA