Versatile, high resolution Zoom-Fluoro/HLA/TCID/VIS reader
with micro/macro option

The BIOREADER® -F-z NT can be supplied with a fully automated objective changer.
Extreme enlargement intervals such as petri dishes and 384-well plates can be evaluated full-frame.
Used for 384-96-48-24-12-6 multiwell, microfilter Spot/Area/Zone reading.
Analyzes Fluorescence/enzymatic applications in commonly available 96 well multiwell plates and multifilter plates.

BIOREADER® -F NT models:

-F-z NT alpha (Single Fluoro / Single Enzymatic)
-F-z NT beta (Dual Fluoro/ Dual Enzymatic)
-F-z NT gamma (Triple Fluoro / Dual Enzymatic)
-F-z NT delta (Quadro Fluoro incl UV / Dual Enzymatic)

BIOREADER® -F NT is scalable:
Upgrade from model alpha to beta, gamma or delta

Technical details:

  • 8 Olympus fluorescence filter slots
  • Built-in patented dual telecentric illumination and filter changer
  • Automated zoom lens for 6-48 well plates and petri dishes
  • Fixed focus lens for 96-384 well plates and petri dishes
  • 8 digital motors automate all mechanical functions
  • 1-4 filter-sets installed (model dependent)
  • Fluoro/UV excitation and 3 types of white light illuminations
  • Works software measure setup controlled (GLP-locked)
  • No mercury or deuterium lamps required, thus 50T hourly lifetime
  • Improved suppression of auto-fluorescence (inside and outside the well)
  • Cluster separation
  • Dimensions incl. monitor W * H* D (cm): 60 * 80 * 45


  • Standard warranty is 1 year and optionally extendable to 3 years
  • Software updates for the supplied Bioreader® are available free of charge
  • Support is generally carried out "on site"


  • Bioreader® software uses a MS outlook® like user interface
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office compatible
  • Incl. Q.M. package

Bioreader 6000 F ZOOM alpha

Example for Fluoro-Power LED excitation