Versatile, high resolution Zoom-Fluoro/HLA/TCID/VIS reader
with micro/macro option
The BIOREADER® -F-z NT can be supplied with a fully automated objective changer, so extreme enlargement intervals such as petri dishes and 384-well plates can be evaluated full-frame.


  • Used for 384-96-48-24-12-6 multiwell, microfilter Spot/Area/Zone reading
  • Analyzes Fluorescence and enzymatic applications in commonly available high affinity 96 well multiwell plates and multifilter plates (e.g FluoroSpot/FluoroPlaque and Elispot)


  • Built-in GigE or USB camera
  • Uses high definition automated aromatic zoom lenses, aperture distortion corrected,
    which are able to visualize and capture the entire well including the border
  • Includes automated focus, illumination and filter changer,
    linked with the measure protocol applied (GLP-locked)


  • Bioreader software incl. Q.M. package and maintenance module
  • Microsoft Outlook-like user interface
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office compatible

Bioreader 6000 F ZOOM alpha

Dimensions incl. monitor W * H* D (cm):
60 * 80 * 45

Example for Fluoro-Power LED excitation