Elispot reader

To evaluate only Elispot in 96 well plates, the BIOREADER® -E is the best choice.


  • The affordable Bioreader® 7000 –E enzymatic reader
    - incl. DELL PC + Monitor, 2 days installation qualification
    - verified measure protocols
  • Faster and more precise:
    Brand-new generation 7 makes it significant faster
    and more precise regarding positioning.
  • Approved and verified in worldwide collaborative studies:
    > 300 Bioreader® model units sold worldwide.
  • -on site- upgradable: to model gamma
    21 cfr part 11 bases software package.
  • Routine and development user app:
    Incl. Spot profiling to automatically generate optimized measure protocols.
  • Special routine package-option for quick review.
  • Minimal space requirement W * H* D (cm): 18 * 27 * 14

bioreader 7000 E


  • Bioreader® software uses a MS outlook® like user interface
  • Spot Profiling allows optimal selection criterion of all wells in a plate automatically
  • The ‘Bioscope’ let's you ‘see’ a magnified intensity image of the spots
  • Audiovisual assistant uses unique, case selective video clips that lead trough the procedure
  • Graphical size distribution is displayed on the main screen
  • Generates super high resolution, immensely sharp and crisp images of your single wells
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office compatible