Full automation incl. lid lift and barcode reader

The only reader on the market that may be loaded from the side and so allowing the user free access for manual reading too.

Technical details:

  • Fingers are specified for either multi-well plates or petridishes
  • Random access of 8 plates per stack
  • Sequential access of 40 plates per stack
  • Up to 9 ‘hotels’ for a capacity of 360 plates
  • Dimensions incl. monitor W * H* D (cm): 60-120 * 60 * 45


  • Standard warranty is 1 year and optionally extendable to 3 years
  • Software updates are available free of charge
  • Support is generally carried out "on site"


  • Bioreader® software uses a MS outlook® like user interface
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office compatible
  • Incl. Q.M. package