Camera and optical resolution

What is the maximal resolution of a  Bioreader® 7000 Fzi micro in a multiwell?

Single cell > 3 µ,Foci  10-2000 µ or Plaques 100-5000 µ,cell clones 50 - 2000 µ and more.

BIOSYS uses ‘true’ optical magnification to achieve this resolution.

Advantage of optical magnifications: Reference:


Why does BIOSYS use 5 MPixel cameras for Elispot counting?

Most Elispot Publications are based on Elispot readers with 1Mpixel cameras or less pixels.

The counts are reliable and verified.

Camera with 10 -25 and more MPixel create a tremendous amount of useless (garbage) information for Elispot. 

However, on some models like Bioreader(R) 7000 Fx 12 MPixel camera are used for special applications .


Do more pixels generate a higher fluoro sensitivity?

No, on the contrary!

As the chip sizes are limited, the more pixels there are on a chip the smaller they are.

Less photons reach each pixel. Sensitivity is reciprocal to the number of pixels.


What is the maximal number of MPixel /well on a Bioreader® 7000

Maximal 12 * 12 segments/well may be scanned. This are 144* 4 MPixel = 567 MPixel/well.

For a day by day use typical 1,4 or 9 fields /well are scanned causing to 4,16 to 36 MPixel/well