Automation of time-consuming counting routines

BIO-SYS, founded in 1986, is continuously developing and improving systems to automate assays with time consuming analyzes and quantifications.

The major product is the BIOREADER®. It especially analyzes the Elispot assay and 96-well microfilter/microtiterplates. Based on this technology the versatile BIOREADER® 6000 system has been developed. The BIOCOUNT® is a side-product that counts colonies/plaques/zones of inhibition within petridishes.

BIO-SYS’ BIOREADER® and BIOCOUNT® are in world-wide use for pharmaceutical research and quality control, immunology, microbiology and genetic toxicology (biomedical and routine). We are focused on Elispot/FluoroSpot/Plaque/CFU reading. More than 300 readers/counters have been established worldwide.



Innovative high efficient LED illumination system

Bioreader6000 F NT Bioreader® 6000-F NT is the first FLUORO/VIS reader that uses power LED technology for FLUORO and VIS excitation.

Suppression of auto-fluorescence

Time Axis thumb

We managed to improve the suppression of auto-fluorescence inside and outside the well.

Used same sample

Optical system

triple spot assay thumb

Bioreader® 6000-F NT / -F-z NT even count very low cytokine presenting cells.
All new models do have the extension NT (for new technology).
Create crystal clear images on overlay images on 1-4 fluorophores.
Background may set to absolutely black.
The protocol is set in order to see the most fading and weakest spots.

Example of a triple spot assay:
Triple Spots (Mabtech sample dated Dec 2015)