Automated tedious counting routines

BIO-SYS, founded in 1986, is continuously developing and improving systems to automate assays that are tediously to analyze and quantify.

The major product is the Bioreader®. It analyzes multi-well plates.
The Biocount® is a side-product that counts colonies/plaques/zones of inhibition within petridishes.

BIO-SYS’ Bioreader® and Biocount® are in world-wide use for pharmaceutical research and quality control, immunology, microbiology and genetic toxicology (biomedical and routine). We are focused on Elispot/FluoroSpot/Plaque/CFU reading. More than 300 readers/counters have been established worldwide.

Our systems purpose is to automate tedious counting routines to speed up procedures and get the researcher fastest access to their information and results. They deliver full automation of all mechanical components like centering, zooming, focusing and aperture. Several large Research-institutes are using BIO-SYS instruments to develop faster and more efficient routines. 

Global German manufacturers of pharmaceutical products regularly apply BIO-SYS counters for genetic-toxicological and micro-biological colony-counting. Several private and Government Food-Control-Laboratories are continuous and satisfied customers of BIO-SYS systems.




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